This is Bloedorn

A Tradition of Quality & Excellence since 1919

Serving Our Communities for Over 100 Years

From our humble beginnings over 100 years ago, Bloedorn Lumber Company has set a tradition of quality and excellence in building materials and home improvement needs with 425 associates, 22 retail stores, 3 truss-manufacturing plants, and 1 door-manufacturing plant located throughout Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, and Colorado.

We remain committed to our founding principles and long-term growth.

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People are the Core of Our Business

At Bloedorn Lumber, we believe that the essence of your legacy can be found not only in the things you build and leave behind, but through the relationships you create along the way. People are at the core of our business, which is why we believe in such things as empowering our employee-owners through transparency and trust, continuing to honor the significance of a handshake, and offering only the best in building products and services for our families and friends as they build the foundations of our communities for years to come.

Our core values


We believe in ownership from start to finish. Every Bloedorn Lumber employee is an owner of our company, allowing each and every one of us to be accountable for the decisions we make while conducting business. Our employees are empowered to make decisions and to solve problems, frequently exceeding expectations and becoming thoroughly invested in the businesses and the individuals we serve—and the many relationships we develop along the way. Employee-ownership also means that we make decisions for the many and not just for ourselves. Our fiduciary duty is to our employee-owners and our customers as we continue working towards our very best.


As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to live out those same principles each and every day. At the heart of entrepreneurship is a competitive spirit—embodied by people who love to win (and hate to lose). We represent employees and customers alike who take on the challenge ahead of them and aren’t satisfied with the status quo. We find ways to improve, ways to say “yes” instead of “no”, and ways to solve any and all problems we might encounter along the way. We approach each day with a desire to be the very best, and we embody the entrepreneurial mindset through the relationships we build with employees and customers alike.


Our foundation was built on the value of a handshake. We believe all aspects of business should be conducted with honesty and integrity, where people choose to engage in a mutual exchange of trust to accomplish a task or to enter into an endeavor with one another. This timeless tradition of confidence and faith is rooted in the same small towns where Bloedorn Lumber came to be and where we still exist today.

About Bloedorn Lumber

A Lasting Legacy

These principles are made from and lived out by the people who have and continue to comprise our company. They allow each and every one of us to view the company through the same lens, assisting in every action we take, from how we treat our customers and our team to the decisions we make for our yards.

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Our guiding principles

It’s the People

The value of Bloedorn Lumber comes from our people: our employees, our customers, and our communities.

Make a Friend

We invest in each and every person who walks through our doors.

Create an Experience

Our yards create a place where people feel welcomed and valued and can find solutions.

Set & Measure Goals

We set and measure goals for the good of our company, our customers, and our co-workers.


We rely on one another to bring new ideas and solutions to the conversation. This turns wishes into actionable change and improvement.

Take a Walk in Their Shoes

At the end of the day, we get the opportunity to be the person someone remembers as the one who “actually cared”.

Aim for Value

Value comes in many forms and returns a profit in many ways. Therefore, we aim to produce value, and profit will follow.

Embrace Creativity

We’re in the business of providing solutions for our customers, and no two solutions are exactly the same.

Bloedorn Through the Years

Company History

Bloedorn Lumber Established

The Torrington Lumber & Coal Company was incorporated on April 21, 1919 by Charles, Alvin, and Howard Bloedorn, along with their brother-in-law, B.J. Hilsabeck. Although the original incorporators were Charles, Alvin, and Howard, the other brothers John and Walter joined as stockholders. From 1919-1952, the company continued expansion into larger towns, cities, and states.



An official corporate office was constructed.



The company entered into the truss-manufacturing and rental-equipment business.



The corporate office moved into a newly remodeled location in Torrington.


More Than a Lumber Yard

We have locations that can draw projects, decks, barns, and garages, so we can start from the project’s inception and pick it up from any point, whether it’s the framing, windows, and more…

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An array of services


The best building materials provided through high-quality, lasting relationships.


Same-day delivery through professional, safe, and experienced drivers.

Drafting Services

Clean, detailed, and precise architectural drawings for a smooth construction process.

Estimating & Quotes

Detailed estimates for any and every job.

Key Cutting

Fast & convenient key cutting within minutes.

Kitchen & Bath Design

Professional kitchen and bath design for all visions and budgets.

Manufactured Roof & Floor Trusses

Manufactured roof and floor trusses for any residential, commercial, or agricultural project.

Pole Barn & Garage Design

3D renderings, plans, and quotes for barns and garages.


From outdoor and indoor tools to large moving and lifting equipment.

Continuing a Legacy

Today, Bloedorn and its subsidiaries continue to evolve. Throughout our growth, our culture has remained the same – our friendly, hardworking, and knowledgeable staff will be there to provide customers with quality products and exceptional service that helps build strong foundations for communities.

From the beginning of a project, concept of a project, we have locations that can draw projects, decks, barns, garages–so we can start from the inception of a project and pick it up from any point, whether it’s the framing, windows, and more…

At any stage in the project, we will provide quality products & great service.

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