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Visit Our Virtual Showroom For A Great New Project Planning Tool!

A great new feature from Bloedorn Lumber that will allow you to view your room or house and make adjustments with the actual products we carry. Want to change the paint color of your house or kitchen?

Upload a picture of your actual house or kitchen and let our virtual room designer go to work.

  • Cabinets
  • Cabinet design
  • Flooring designs
  • Exterior/Interior Paint
  • Shingles

Our virtual showroom lets you design and see your ideas unfold giving you complete confidence before making any drastic renovations.

How it works

Simply upload a picture of either your home or room that you want to renovate. Our program will allow you to choose from a list of colors, styles, and building supplies we carry. When you have a design that you’re confident with than simply print your design and your list of building materials and take it to your nearest Bloedorn Lumber location.

Using our one of a kind virtual room designer is fast, easy and convenient. It’ll get your next project off to a great start.