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Month: November 2022

Is Your House Ready for your Holiday Light Show?

It’s nearing the most wonderful—ly lit—time of the year! If you’re anything like us, counting down the days before we get to untangle that glorious mess of lights, extension cords, and more gives us all of the excitement (and dread) of decorating for Christmas. If you consider plugging a certain number of strings of lights […]

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Eggshells and Coffee Grounds in your Garbage Disposal? Don’t do it!

Garbage disposal systems make light work of cleaning up after messy meal preparation. And while this handy kitchen tool helps dispose of things like fruit and vegetable peelings, crumbs, and other food discardings, placing eggshells and coffee grounds in a garbage disposal can actually be detrimental to your equipment.   (Don’t feel too bad—we’ve all […]

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