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Upgrade Your Outdoor Kitchen!

Your backyard is an extension of your home – the place where you love to relax, enjoy time together as a family, and entertain your friends. Warmer weather is nearly here, and we have a great list of elements to upgrade your Outdoor Kitchen to the point that you’ll never want to cook inside again! […]

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Eggshells and Coffee Grounds in your Garbage Disposal? Don’t do it!

Garbage disposal systems make light work of cleaning up after messy meal preparation. And while this handy kitchen tool helps dispose of things like fruit and vegetable peelings, crumbs, and other food discardings, placing eggshells and coffee grounds in a garbage disposal can actually be detrimental to your equipment.   (Don’t feel too bad—we’ve all […]

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Tips for Leaf Cleanup

Autumn brings weather prime for cozy outdoor evenings spent around the fire. With the changing temperatures, though, it won’t take long for your backyard to be blanketed with fallen leaves. Do you choose to wait until everything drops before beginning the task of raking, or are you ready with tools in-hand by the time the […]

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Cleaning Window Screens

Fingerprints, grime, and occasional splashes make it easier to remember to clean windows—but how often do you clean the screens? It’s not always at the top of our list like the panes themselves, but window screens can actually accumulate a whole lot more dirt and dust than we might like to think. Many of us […]

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New Rejuvenate® Granite & Stone Daily Cleaner & Shine

Keep your stone surface looking their best. Rejuvenate® Granite & Stone Daily Cleaner & Shine is designed to restore shine and luster to all granite and stone surfaces in one easy, wipe-on application. This streak-free formula is specifically formulated to be effective on all stone surfaces. Rejuvenate® leaves your surfaces shiny while adding a protective […]

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Granite Gold Disinfectant Spray

From the Granite Gold team: As we continue working our way through cold and flu season, which typically lasts through May, it’s important to remember we’re fully stocked with one of the most powerful solutions available: MicroGold Multi-Action Disinfectant Antimicrobial Shield. This hospital-grade, EPA-registered product kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including cold and flu […]

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