Tips for Leaf Cleanup

Autumn brings weather prime for cozy outdoor evenings spent around the fire. With the changing temperatures, though, it won’t take long for your backyard to be blanketed with fallen leaves.

Do you choose to wait until everything drops before beginning the task of raking, or are you ready with tools in-hand by the time the first few leaves fall to the ground? Do you choose to pick up all leaves or just a few, leaving some around plants to act as a barrier for the looming colder temperatures?

“Leaves can deprive your lawn of adequate nutrition by blocking water, nutrients, and healthy air from reaching the roots, invite lawn pests, diseases, and problems like snow mold and brown patch, and block one of the most important elements for growing healthy grass: sunlight…”

Check out some takeaways in the full article when it comes to choosing when and if to rake leaves, which kind of rakes or power tools to use, and when you should start the task!