Lawn & Garden Tool Maintenance

Gardening and lawncare aren’t likely to reduce stress when your weed eater is constantly plugged or your shears are stuck shut (…again).

Get the most life out of your gardening and lawn tools by keeping up with maintenance during the spring and summer months, and proper storage during the off-season.

“Gardening is more than just a way to make your yard look nicer. Multiple studies have shown that it improves moods, boosts concentration, and reduces stress while offering a mild full-body workout. Of course, that workout is only mild and stress is only reduced if your garden tools work properly. Otherwise, you may find it a stressful task when a lawn mower refuses to start or your pruner shears are too sticky to open. Get the most out of a full season of gardening by taking a little time each year for tool care and maintenance…”

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